Pike Factory


Here at Garnanäs Farm, we wish to protect nature, and an important part of this is to secure the survival of pike.
A few years ago, we built a ‘pike factory’ – a wetland area for spawning pike, and an ideal environment for rearing fry.
Because of the popularity of pike fishing, we want to give back to nature that of which we take. With our ‘pike factory’ we aim
to create and sustain a healthy fishing environment.

What is a Pike Factory?

A ‘pike factory’ is a natural wetland area which takes into account the pike ecology, where optimum conditions must exist for the pike to multiply. Our ‘pike factory’ is located about 200 m from the farm in an old wetland area – a flooded grassy meadow that reaches down to the edge of the sea. This has been reinforced and has now become the pike's new spawning ground.

How does it work?

The water is fairly shallow and warms up quickly in the spring sunshine. Pike are drawn to the warmth and swim into the grassy wetland area during March and April where they spawn.
The optimum conditions created by the wetland means that the water does not drain away too quickly, allowing time for the pike roe to hatch. The female pike can lay more than 100 000 eggs and after spawning the pike swim back to sea.
After a few weeks the eggs hatch and the wetland's nutrient-rich waters are filled with small fry, which swim out to sea during May and June. The pike spread themselves through our sea waters and we are hopeful that they will grow and develop into large, mature pike.
Fishing tourism is an important part of tourism in the municipality of Ronneby. As pike is the most popular fish anglers love to catch, we are hopeful that our ‘pike factory’
will thrive to create a healthy, sustainable sport fishing environment in our area.

Guided Fishing Trips

For those serious fishermen who want to increase their chances of catching a nice big pike, we offer guided fishing trips with experienced guides, who are familiar with the waters and hotspots around Garnanäs.